CruZionsville 2013I've had this 911 since 2006. I had always wanted a classic 911 but never liked their interiors, too VolksWagon-like for me. The 964 model changed all that. I love the Porsche 964 body style interior and model. It was produced between 1989 and 1994.

The Porsche 964 was the last of the "true 911" body styles. It is one of the most recognized shapes on earth.

A total of 11,013 of these 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolets were made. It was a classic the day it rolled off the assembly line. It is still one of the most aerodynamic and attractive cars ever produced. For a broader view of the 964, try the Wikipedia entry for the Porsche 911 model 964.

You can also see my Porsche and other 964s at The 964 Registry. This site is dedicated to 964s from around the world. In addition, I've posted it in the Gallery at the UK 964 Portal. The UK portal is another site dedicated to 964's.



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